We are a group of multidisciplinary researchers conducting cutting-edge research on the intersection of machine learning, computational privacy, and cyber-security.

Thanks to the availability of large-scale data sets (“Big Data”), data-driven algorithmic systems (e.g., recommender systems, automated driving vehicles, and personalized healthcare) are playing increasingly important roles in our everyday lives. Our mission is to fully unleash the potential of such systems to support ground-breaking discoveries and critical decision-making. To this end, our research comprises two complementary aspects:

We follow the methodology of “from practice, to theory and back to practice”. We look to the real world for practical and important problems; then, we design solutions with provable properties and solid theoretical backing; finally, we build and deploy real systems based on these solutions. Our approach is multidisciplinary by nature, using “tools” from systems, algorithms, machine learning, cryptography, and economics.


I am fortunate to work and have worked with a group of wonderful students:



Following is a list of our ongoing and past projects.

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